Going on a Mind Diet

Today We Are RichI downloaded a free excerpt of Today We Are Rich, which you can get from Tim Sanders’ website, and I have realized that I need to go on a mind diet. This is not the first time I’ve heard of this concept, but sometimes you need to be reminded a few times before you actually remember something and do it.

What Is a Mind Diet?

A mind diet is the practice of paying attention to—and controlling—what goes into your mind. It’s about watching, reading, and listening to positive things and avoiding things that are negative, such as violent TV shows, video games, and news articles. It goes beyond simply avoiding the negative, though. You also need to avoid things that are merely useless. There may not be anything negative about playing FarmVille or whatever the latest addictive Facebook game is, but these things keep you from thinking about and doing things that are positive.

I have done well by eliminating mindless games from my life. I have been guilty of wasting countless hours in the past playing Farmville, Zoo World, Kingdoms of Camelot, and other addictive games. What could I have accomplished if I had used those hours for more productive purposes? I’ll never know.

However, even though I’ve stopped playing these games, I have not eliminated all of the negatives from my thought diet. I still get caught up in reading negative news stories now and then, for one thing. But the worst of the negatives come from my memories. Do you ever beat yourself up for the mistakes you’ve made in the past? I sure do! The thing is, as Tim points out in Today We Are Rich, there is no point in going over and over the mistakes you have made. What’s done is done. Learn what you can from them, and then let them go.

Keeping a Mind Diet Journal

The key, of course, is to catch yourself thinking negative thoughts and then do something to switch your thinking to something more positive. You can’t think about two things at once, so you do this by remembering and reliving the successes you have experienced instead of the failures. This will do you a lot more good. By reliving the successes, you will create the confidence you need to succeed over and over again.

Tim recommends keeping a journal of everything you read, watch, or listen to so that you can see what you are putting into your mind. I think it would also be a good idea to use a section of that journal to write down your successes so you don’t have to rely on your memory when you are trying to think of something positive to push the bad memories away. All you need is a little notebook and you’re ready to go with your mind diet journal. You don’t need anything fancy.

Tim’s Book Is More than Just a Mind Diet

The mind diet is a good start, but there is much more to Tim’s book. The mind diet is just one of the seven principles he teaches in Today We Are Rich. Tim believes that these principles are the keys to confidence, which in turn is the key to success. Here is a look at the contents to give you an idea of what you can find in this book.

Today We Are Rich: Table of Contents

Prologue: Billye’s Lesson I Never Forgot

Part 1: The Case for Confidence

Chapter 1: Sideways Years
Chapter 2: The Awakening
Chapter 3: The Good Loop

Part 2: The Principles of Total Confidence

Chapter 4: Principle 1: Feed Your Mind Good Stuff
Chapter 5: Principle 2: Move the Conversation Forward
Chapter 6: Principle 3: Exercise Your Gratitude Muscle
Chapter 7: Principle 4: Give to Be Rich
Chapter 8: Principle 5: Prepare Yourself
Chapter 9: Principle 6: Balance Your Confidence
Chapter 10: Principle 7: Promise Made, Promise Kept

Epilogue: A First Step into the Good Loop

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