“Before” Pictures of Our New House—and a Progress Update

We are buying a house from my Mom and Dad on land contract. They had bought it as an investment—they were going to fix it up and sell it—but somehow it never happened. We were looking for a place to live and my Dad said, “Well, we have that house in Grant.”

I had completely forgotten about it.

The house in Grant was completely gutted by the former owners. They were going to completely remodel the interior but guess what? They never got around to it either. So we have a house that looks pretty much OK from the outside, but the inside is a completely different story.

Here are the “before” pictures:

Pretty, huh? Well, it will be!

Since these pictures were taken, we have cleaned it up, pulled out a lot of nails, and torn out what was left of the old insulation and drywall. We have framed in the interior walls and are almost done with the wiring and insulating the walls.

We still have a lot to do before we can move in, but we are getting closer.

If you want to help us get moved in sooner, check out my IndieGoGo project: Help Us Move Into Our New Home Before Winter. I’m offering some perks for those who decide to donate.

If you live in the Grant Rapids area or the thumb of Michigan—or anywhere in between—and want to donate used furniture or building materials, we can probably come pick them up. We are in need of DRYWALL, interior and exterior doors, gas lines, pipes for plumbing, a faucet and sprayer for the kitchen sink, a tub surround, a faucet and shower head for the tub, a queen bed with mattresses, a full or twin bed with mattresses, a crib mattress, kitchen chairs, a high chair, a booster seat, and a potty chair. There’s probably more, but that’s all I can think of right now.

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5 Responses to “Before” Pictures of Our New House—and a Progress Update

  1. Joanne
    Twitter: joannegreco777

    Good idea to document your progress. I can’t wait to see the “after”. :-)

  2. alex chris says:

    you will need a lot of patience until the house is completed, from the pictures I can tell that’s a lot of work. Looking forward for the “after pictures”…

    Good Luck!

  3. Wow, you’re brave! I’m sure it will be quite beautiful — and satisfying — when it’s completed!

  4. Ionut Popa says:

    It’s hard to see right now where this building is going. Probably you can’t imagine either. Thanks god you got the house plans :)
    Ionut Popa recently posted..Downtown Halifax at nightMy Profile

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