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Progress Charts for #NaNoWriMo and #SlapDash100

NaNoWriMo Writing ChartSlapDash100 Mile Chart

Both NaNoWriMo and the Slap Dash 100 start today, so I made up some progress charts to help me (and you!) track our progress.

The NaNoWriMo Writing Chart

My NaNo chart goes to 100,000 because the type of novel I’m writing typically has around 100,000 words. If you’re just trying to hit the 50,000-word minimum, you can modify the Excel file or just try to fill in the chart up to whatever your goal is.

  • To get the .png image file, click the small NaNo chart image above and right-click the larger image to save it.
  • To download the .pdf, right click here and save to your hard drive.
  • To download the .xlsx file, right click here and save.

Note: The .xlsx file contains both charts. Click the tabs at the bottom to switch from one to the other.

To use the chart, just fill in the date in the space on the left when you reach that word count. For example, if I write 3,100 words today, I’ll write today’s date in front of 500, 1,000, and so on up to 3,000.

The Slap Dash 100 Mile Chart

My SlapDash100 chart goes to 125, just in case I go …

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