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Going on a Mind Diet

Today We Are RichI downloaded a free excerpt of Today We Are Rich, which you can get from Tim Sanders’ website, and I have realized that I need to go on a mind diet. This is not the first time I’ve heard of this concept, but sometimes you need to be reminded a few times before you actually remember something and do it.

What Is a Mind Diet?

A mind diet is the practice of paying attention to—and controlling—what goes into your mind. It’s about watching, reading, and listening to positive things and avoiding things that are negative, such as violent TV shows, video games, and news articles. It goes beyond simply avoiding the negative, though. You also need to avoid things that are merely useless. There may not be anything negative about playing FarmVille or whatever the latest addictive Facebook game is, but these things keep you from thinking about and doing things that are positive.

I have done well by eliminating mindless games from my life. I have been guilty of wasting countless hours in the past playing Farmville, Zoo World, Kingdoms of Camelot, and other addictive games. What could I have accomplished if I had used those hours …

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